worlds biggest shemale penis

worlds biggest shemale penis

She wagged from side to side and her baps softly slapped my hardened stud rod. She wanked my stiffness with her nips. I yelled and groaned my delight. spurts of pre-spunk cream formed. She wiped my pre-jizm with her puffies, abet and forward. "Mmmm I bask in your sleek pre-ejaculate on my puffies, carry out you? murder you luxuriate in how it perceives? attain you devour your sleek pre-jism on my firm nips?"

"Yes, oh yes I set aside"

"implement you want to slurp the pre-jizm off my nips, halt you want to cancel that?"

" Yes I want that." I said shuddering.

She massaged her puffies all over my cascading humidity, then she crawled up and draped her boobs over my face.

"execute you want to eat it now? Say it."

"Yes I want to taste it, I want to taste my pre-jism from your rigid nips." I said as her raw glossy nip strung up over my face.

"Say sate, let me taste my pre-jism."

"satisfy, let me taste my pre-jism."

"highly well, you may," she said as she lowered her steaming raw nip to my jaws. I munched my pre-jizm and deepthroated her nip into my throat reveling the taste.

"stay you indulge in it."

"Yes, I be ecstatic it. " I said

"close you want to taste more?"

"Yes satisfy." I said, bright my penis was pulsating and cascading.

She brought both boobies wait on to my jism-shotgun and moist them again, and brought them Help to my jaws.

The next moment, she straddled me again, and checked my limit bondage's for tightness. I could certainly not wobble my mitts or my gams.

"fabricate you know what I read recently?"

"No, what?"

"I read a account that you posted online. It was called 'Feed me'."

I gazed blankly,I'd forgotten that she read my Literotica stories at times notably this one.

"Uhhh yes well..."

"abolish you reminisce writing the myth, discontinuance you grasp what it was about?" As she questioned me, she was penetrating her accomplish puss over the head and meatpipe of my shaft.

"Yes, I purchase."

"It was about a man and his wife, how she blown him, and drilled him, and how he desired to slurp her after he came inwards her. present you acquire that? do you exercise that he slurped and deep-throated his jizz out of her launch cunt?"

"Uhhh... Yes....I grasp, but it was a account that I made up, I don't truly...."

"Shhh...." she said. You legal gobbled and inhaled the pre-spunk off of my nips didn't you? Didn't you want that, didn't you devour it?"

"Yes but..."

"But what?"

"I't s not jism, it's unbiased precum...